Darnell Johnson

Chapter 1

We lived with Mother. She gave us everything. We played in her vast fields and valleys. Her infinite breath filled our lungs, even when we didn’t deserve it, she supplied. We wanted more water, she gave. We wanted more land, she gave. We wanted more food, she gave. We wanted less of her previous less evolved children burdening us, she took them away.

When we were born by our real mother, she decided to keep us. So Mother decided to send mom and us away. Later, mom would tell us that if we stayed, we may have eventually become a burden to Mother.

As we moved beyond Mothers silver circular ‘fence’ surrounding her, I remember being so excited about our journey to live with her Daughter I couldn’t stop kicking my legs. My older siblings were excited too. They were arguing over it because they were so excited and had different views about the greatness it held. However, a lot of people in the craft that I didn’t know, but still coming with us. They didn’t seem too excited, most hung their heads down. Maybe they were just tired of waiting and when we arrived, they would release their happiness.

When we touched down on her Daughter’s landing pad, I was the first to dash out of the opening bay doors. Even though we didn’t live with our Mother anymore, we still had a wonderful view of her. Beyond the clear titanic dome. she sat, blue, green, and purple, in the blackness of the unknown, surrounded by a silver ring in her orbit: her fence. But why, were we outside of it?

The image of mother, and the feeling were replaced with a sudden blackness. A buzzing filled my head as I came too. The buzzing faded and was replaced with the echo of voices. I didn’t know if I had been out for 3 seconds or 3 minutes. I looked around to see dozens of people filling a long white circular corridor. The right side was lined with glass, and beyond that glass was…GREEN! I stood and stumbled over to the glass and pressed my face against it. Ouch. Apparently I hurt my face somehow. I guess I tripped. For the first time in years, I hadn’t seen vegetation like this since childhood.

I’m home mother!’ I thought excitedly, my eyes panning the scenery; my eyes glanced up at the horizon to see that’s where the view ended, with a clear view of space, and of Mother.

…I’m not home.’ I realized with a sudden horror. Then the memories rushed back into my mind, so fast that it hurt. I was running, running from patrols, making my way toward the mass driver terminals below. As I ran down this terminal, a security bot hit me with an amnesia spark, zapping my short term memory temporarily, and knocking me unconscious, thus face planting.

Thankfully, I ran much faster than these outsourced human guards employed on this deck. I wonder if their even trying. Maybe they get paid not to catch me. If they had been able to keep pace, they would’ve been there when their bot got me. I had just started making my way down the terminal when a guard finally made it to this corridor and spotted. He was too far away to even try and run and catch me, and after my little nap, I was ready for anything. I sprinted forward. He was radioing in help. I zoomed down the corridor toward the turn point further up. However, a blue and white helmed guard I didn’t see stepped out into my path. I violently pushed him forward sending him sliding at the same speed as me for several feet. As he slid alongside me, he snatched at my ankles as they chopped through the air. I unintentionally kicked his hand and steamed forward. He cried out in pain at his injury. Though inadvertent if given a choice I still would’ve hit him.  Another guard came dashing out a food shop far ahead of me. He aimed a beam rifle at me and waited for me to get closer. Behind me I could hear other guards clearing the aisle for the shot and in this setting; he could only fire his weapon at point blank range for the safety of others. I could jump. Couldn’t I? I knew death awaited me if I kept going, but I wasn’t going to stop running now to later walk a life of hell on that moon. I kept running straight toward death. I nearly closed my eyes tell voice kept them open.

“Hey what are you doing later tonight?” a woman asked cheerfully to her headset as she strode out of the shop just before bumping into the guard. He teetered, but still kept him aim.

“What the fuck are you in my way for!?” she snapped shoving him to the floor, dropping his weapon.  I ran past her as she unleashed a flurrly of insults at the man for hindering her conversation. I smiled in relief. So close to death, now so far away.

I Turned down the corridor leading to the lower concourse where my terminal was. ‘Coincidentally’ there was a line of batoned guards waiting to beat me down, but I didn’t stop moving.

“Sorry folks, but I really gotta fly!” I said as I leaped onto one of their heads and leaped off over the balcony behind them. I fell down towards a purple slide moving people up and down. Just below me were two children slide racing down it. Something I had loved to do as a child while we waited to go to the moon. I landed ass first on the fleximatriel and zoomed past the sliding duet.

“CHEATER!” shouted the little boy. I hit the ground feet first and began running. This concourse was bathed in warm blues and purples. Along the wall 3D images of beautiful cites and oceans were displayed. Projected treetops and birds moved lively overhead across the ceiling. The sights of home, I remembered them all.

“I’m going home. Im going home. Im going home. Im going home….” I kept telling myself that as I ran toward the docking bay of the spherical carriage for the mass driver. I saw people with helmets on taking their seats. I was almost through the door, the glass shut and the door sealed. I slammed into the glass door, crying and pounding on it. I watched as the carriage zipped away. I dint realize I was crying ‘til I saw my reflection, then a guard struck me unconscious.

Luckily for him he knocked me out, or I woulda knocked his damn jaw off, even with that helmet on. Sadly for me however, I’m damned to live another day in hell once I wake from unconsciousness. Maybe ill play sleep.


From the Author:

Thank you for taking time to read ZO. When i update it you may want/have to re read it as I may make a few changes of events. Tell me what you think. DONT hold your tongue.

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