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Reality Shift: Day1

Today I had planned to undergo a Reality Shift, like a paradigm shift, where everything changes. Although for me the thing that changes first is my actions. FIrst Im setting a limit for myself. In order to accomplish anything you must know how you can or cannot go. In this case the limit is my bed time. If I have a deadline for sleep then I know how much time I have to do things.

Yesterday I planned to abandon gaming today, and I succeeded =). I havent played my MMO or my PS2. Although I did check in to  casual game a few times today, but dropping the big games is a great step.

Its 8:26pm now Sunday August 22nd, 2010. Lets see what I can get done. See you on day 2.

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Late night blog post

Here it is 4:15 am PDT and im just now going to bed X_X. Finished playing my fave game Shaiya and now its time to rest for tomorrow to get some real work done =). And yes im still alive everyone ^^.

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What month is it?

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Holy hell its February! What does that mean? For me as an African American aiming to become a Scifi writer and help the world…alot. It should at least. However I nearly forgot about my work as life began to pile up. However, during black history month, and every day before and after, I should be trying to make history. Just came back inside to the lab, and guess what it smells like SUMMER :D! Or something to that effect.

Anyways, im off, class soon.

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V-Day update

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello Reader, Happy Valentines Day

How do you like the new site layout? I changed it when I saw someone with one that looked too close to mines for comfort. Anyways, sorry I’ve been off the writing circuit for so long. Home life can really damage a career if you know what I mean :(. Anyways, I hope to have an updated version of Zo up again soon. ntil next time Reader, be well.

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Happy NYE to the end of the old world :D

December 31, 2009 1 comment

Hello Reader,

Within the next 2.5 hours (as of now), the world will end, as we know it. No I dont mean the apocalyptic kind the 2012 retards believe in, but the kind where the old die, and the new is born, and no I mean the ‘death panel’. For me it means that the old lazy DJ is going out the window, as the novelist I aspire to be, comes through the front door. I plan to do this by doing more than making a few promises. I plan on following up. Starting with my commitment to post ZO here.

Also, to the privileged few that can see this, welcome, and happy new year :D!

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Introduction to 3Worlds

December 27, 2009 1 comment

Hello reader,

I am Darnell Johnson (Delta Juliet). Currently a college sci-fi writer, aiming to become a Sci-fi novelist. In the near future, starting (Jan first, I will be posting chapters of my short story, ZO. However, my main novel is being called 3 worlds as of now (NOTE: This name may change). That will be posted once enough edits are made.

Also, if you are reading this then you are one of the few to know of this place :). I welcome your feedback as a critic.


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