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Oakland Running Festival

Well it has been over a week now and I still haven’t posted anything on the event :(. My apology to my contacts and friends who have been patiently waiting.

 My quad pain has finally gone away. However my knee and hip are still coming along, but they aren’t a hindrance. If you’re wondering where I got this pain from you can thank the Oakland Running Festival. Just kidding, my lack of training is what really did it. However, the event was still a great success for all, even a poacher like me :).

Sunday March 26th was the Inaugural Oakland Running Festival. I rode on my bike from mile 22 marker to the finish taking a bunch of videos and photos of the runners of the relay, half, and full marathon. As I rode by each person I ensured that I said something encouraging to each person and group on the course as I passed. Sadly my camera doesn’t record audio so I don’t have all the great sounds of the event such as the cheering, clapping and cowbells (and no we did not need more cowbell ;). 

The crowd support was wonderful! Spectators (willing and unwillingly) cheered and honked along the course. I heard from a pair –pictured below—that even the BART driver had tooted for them. The entire city was excited about this. We’ve been missing this for 25 years, so its good to have it come back

I heard an estimate of 9000 (including the 1000 in the 5k) participated in the events over that weekend. However, that’s from what I heard, not what I know. I’m going to find out how many actually took part by poking around a bit when I can. Or if anyone knows and is willing to take time to post it below please do and I’ll correct the number if need be.



A personal special thanks to:


Joel and his wife (for the dinner =)

Ribs and Things BBQ (for providing said dinner)

Dennis Guikema (for being a great friend and getting the word out early about the Oakland Marathon almost SIX months in advance)

Brent Allen (For keeping the runners moving with that great voice and for interviewing me on race day)

Gene (A big thanks to this guy for coming down to give Oakland a marathon. It took a year and a half to get it here, but it came and was wonderful :)

Michal (for being my teacher and in support of the Ella foundation, and thanks to that team I was able to stash my bag since bag check declined me.)

Jeadi (for being a supportive teacher and new friend)

Tod Vedock (for valiantly guiding the volunteers with admirable leadership.

Volunteers (for making it happen and being a driving force on race day)

Buzz (For helping coordinate the event and just for being cool and able to talk to)

Fairy lady (For welcoming runners into fairy land with a smile in a fairy kind way) 

To all the courageous runners.


Group thanks to:

Oakland police Department

Oakland Fire department

Muscle Milk

Cliff Bar


Heres some other great sites about the Oakland Running Festival:

Official Oakland Marathon website

Lake Merrit Joggers and Striders


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