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Life changer @ 2:21 Aug 21

I’m not one to promote big products, and this post isn’t to promote Google, but to thank them. I’ve been without a cell for a long time so its been hard for me to keep in touch with people, but today at 2:21 when I checked my email I noticed Google offering a new service that lets you call from your Gmail to anyone in the US or Canada absolutely free! At first I was hesitant. Since I downloaded Skype I figured there had to be some charges.

I decided to try it anyways, I called my sister and it worked, then I decided to make a full fledge account and chose my number: 510-863-0DMJ(365) and setting up a voicemail I began to change, for the better. I begin contacting all of my friends and partners and get things done. I even am going to bed…earlier >.>. Which is why i must end this post here =(. I’ll blog more tomorrow however =).

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