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3 Day Novel writing contest

Am I ready for this? Ive done it before, Ive failed before, so I know I can do it. This time however I have a plan for success. If followed I should be successful. I was thinking of teaming up with a good friend of mine, however hes busy with school at the moment, so ill be doing this solos.

I’m making the outline now, since it will be a short story (in my eyes) so the out line is going to be short. Also I’m reading “Keys to Great Writing” for a little pep rally of my own.

Well, back to work.

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Life changer @ 2:21 Aug 21

I’m not one to promote big products, and this post isn’t to promote Google, but to thank them. I’ve been without a cell for a long time so its been hard for me to keep in touch with people, but today at 2:21 when I checked my email I noticed Google offering a new service that lets you call from your Gmail to anyone in the US or Canada absolutely free! At first I was hesitant. Since I downloaded Skype I figured there had to be some charges.

I decided to try it anyways, I called my sister and it worked, then I decided to make a full fledge account and chose my number: 510-863-0DMJ(365) and setting up a voicemail I began to change, for the better. I begin contacting all of my friends and partners and get things done. I even am going to bed…earlier >.>. Which is why i must end this post here =(. I’ll blog more tomorrow however =).

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Darnell here. leaving here soon

Hey there :),

Its me Darnell, not sure if you remember me, but I’m sending you an email to let you know I’m moving to Denver soon and I’m cleaning out my contact list soon to lessen my virtual luggage. But I wanted to at least say hi and thank you for being in my life and contributing to it (no matter how big or small it got me here :).

Also, if you can please email me back asap just so I now to keep you on the list and you don’t end up lost in the archive. I have a month and two weeks before my flight out, so you have plenty of time =).

Below is my contact info so hold on to it if you want to check in with me. Hopefully talk to you soon.

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Countdown: 51 Days

Greetings reader,

The reason I’m counting down is because I have but a 51 days left until my start date with AmeriCorps in Denver. yes, that means I’ll be leaving Oakland. So I am doing all I can while here.

In the past Ive let my opportunities for travel fall through, but not this time. i twill make it, and I wont let me hold myself back.

Sorry im behind on my post as promised in last nights blog however I will make another post before I go to bed.

Thank you for reading.

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Reality Shift: Day 2

August 23, 2010 1 comment

Well I have some major shifts going on. SO major that I have to end the reality shift and switch to countdown. First thing in the morning I’ll post it.

From now on I’ll begin posting twice per day, when I first turn on my comp in the morning and before I go to bed at night unless conditions change.

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Reality Shift: Day1

Today I had planned to undergo a Reality Shift, like a paradigm shift, where everything changes. Although for me the thing that changes first is my actions. FIrst Im setting a limit for myself. In order to accomplish anything you must know how you can or cannot go. In this case the limit is my bed time. If I have a deadline for sleep then I know how much time I have to do things.

Yesterday I planned to abandon gaming today, and I succeeded =). I havent played my MMO or my PS2. Although I did check in to  casual game a few times today, but dropping the big games is a great step.

Its 8:26pm now Sunday August 22nd, 2010. Lets see what I can get done. See you on day 2.

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Late night blog post

Here it is 4:15 am PDT and im just now going to bed X_X. Finished playing my fave game Shaiya and now its time to rest for tomorrow to get some real work done =). And yes im still alive everyone ^^.

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