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Why cant I write?

June 5, 2010 1 comment

Greetings Reader,

I noticed recently its getting harder for me to write. I wonder why? Is it hard? I know what I want to write, and even when I have time to jot it down…I because its dont sometimes. Do I even want to write? Writing is the reason I exissit. Maybe its because i want to be able to find a true friend to express my self with. No not a girlfriend, those things cost more than theyre worth ;P.

Anyways, My focus is what gives me my creative edge, however im wondering if I can really do this. I mean of course I can, but I want to be able to have a bit more confidence.

Oh well, thats all for my rant.

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Back on track [06/01/10]

Hah! Only an hour and a half into this new month and creativity rears its transfiguring head. I recently got an idea for a scene in my DC inspired novel I’m working on J. I won’t say much on my blogs since I don’t want DC catching wind of this. Long story short here I am a 3:41am 6/1/10 writing…STILL. I gotta finish up this scene and hit the sack see ya.

FUCK! Its barely half a day later and tragedy has already befallen me. My latest notes got deleted off of my palm pilot. The equivalent of 20 fucking pages of details for my stories technology, plot, characters, and events. I couldn’t move for nearly ten minutes after discovering it. However after calming down and listening to my favorite motivational song I am able to write this to vent my frustration and get back to work. Im partially thankful, it’s a wakeup call and a lesson for the future.

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