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What month is it?

February 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Holy hell its February! What does that mean? For me as an African American aiming to become a Scifi writer and help the world…alot. It should at least. However I nearly forgot about my work as life began to pile up. However, during black history month, and every day before and after, I should be trying to make history. Just came back inside to the lab, and guess what it smells like SUMMER :D! Or something to that effect.

Anyways, im off, class soon.

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V-Day update

February 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Hello Reader, Happy Valentines Day

How do you like the new site layout? I changed it when I saw someone with one that looked too close to mines for comfort. Anyways, sorry I’ve been off the writing circuit for so long. Home life can really damage a career if you know what I mean :(. Anyways, I hope to have an updated version of Zo up again soon. ntil next time Reader, be well.

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